Building a brand is insanely difficult. It’s hard to create products and experiences that people enjoy year after year. A few years ago Adidas a once beloved brand was starting to show a decline. The brand was seen everywhere in department stores and it went from being iconic to being a commodity.

When your brand loses its cache it becomes less desirable. It’s not longer sought after it just becomes forgotten.

To fix this the team at Adidas hired a marketing agency that told them to go after huge name influencers. Their first attempt with was with singer and rapper Big Sean. After seeing early success they doubled down on the strategy.

They made a handful of ‘mini-micro’ influencer deals. Then they struck gold when they hired Kanye west to work for the brand. His line of shoes the ‘yeezy’s took over the street wear scene.

Now they are taking it to the next level. They just inked an unprecedented deal with the Canadian rap icon Aubrey Graham. Aubrey is receiving an unprecedented sum especially for someone who isn’t even considered an athlete. Normally athletes fetch top dollar.

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