A.R.D. Bakery is a London-based cake design studio and the masterpiece of designer, Alison Dunlop. She makes cakes and chocolates with unique, graphic style.

She has two degrees, one in sculpturing, and one in fashion. Dunlop spent 10 years working in the fashion industry, designing bags, shoes, and jewelry for many luxury brands. One day she decided that she wanted to make the career move from fashion to baking.

“I come from a family of home bakers, famed at the local fetes and bake sales, but hadn’t considered it as a career until maternity leave sparked in interest in experimenting how to put together classic baking with a design-led high-end fashion aesthetic,” Dunlop shared on her personal website. “Further experimentation in chocolate work led incorporating bold, graphic patterns, strong colors and a fun playful look.”

She seeks inspiration from architecture, lighting design, textiles, graphic design, print, and sculpture.

Scroll down and take a look at her cakes below. Try not to crave a slice of cake after viewing these delectable pieces of art!

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