Maisie Cousins’s striking photography explores the visceral and the grotesque, zooming in on the rougher sides of the human experience.

“Most of my work stems from a personal place and I guess I’m sick of seeing imagery aimed at me that I cannot in any way relate to… It’s very boring and dishonest. I think it’s important for art to be relatable,”
she shared with Refinery29.Her work is, indeed, the complete opposite of boring.

“I think my general themes and subject matter have stayed pretty consistent but I’ve noticed the type of work I make depends on where I’m living,” she said.

“For instance, when I was a teenager living at home in West London, I was really into black and white and shooting on film. Out the window is a view of the Westway and Trellick Tower, which I think heavily influenced me. When I went away to university in Brighton I found the buildings and surroundings so uninspiring and started making a lot of studio work. Now that I’m back renting a small flat, it’s all close up still life stuff in my home studio.”

Zoom in on some of her captivating work below.

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