Lilla Bessenyei, also known as drlillabee on Instagram, is a pharmacist and a self-taught photographer, but also a weight loss expert, a model, and a tech geek.

A few years ago, Lilla fell in love with food photography and she’s been inspiring her Instagram community with gorgeous images ever since.

“I’ve fallen in love with food photography a few years ago. Love has always been one of my obsessions and I’ve decided to merge these two”, the photographer wrote on Bored Panda.

“Food and love both make us happy and I want to show people that food is not your enemy. Healthy food can look amazing and taste delicious. Eating healthy is a form of self-love, people should do it more often.”

Lilla’s Instagram page is full of inspiring images of delicious food that she describes as vegan, healthy, and hearty.

Check out her creations in the photos below.