“Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans” by the Hawaiian-based non-profit organization PangeaSeed is the project we all need to learn from. This amazing organization is aiming to save oceans by raising awareness through art. The gorgeous sea wall murals are painted by amazing artists around the globe, who are all willing to help the cause in the best way they can. The good thing is that each one of us can get educated on the things we can do by visiting their official website.

“The beauty of public art lies in the fact that it is a public good where even ‘non-artsy’ folks can be touched and empowered by experiencing the process or the finished product. In addition to encouraging other artists to create for a purpose, our chief goal is to effect positive behavioral change at the individual and community level, so we’re thrilled when fans who aren’t artistically inclined are moved.”- PangeaSeed founder Tré Packard told Colossal.

Check out the fabulous walls below and get inspired to save oceans!

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