We can’t get enough of Tom Froese’s witty illustrations, full of movement and character. His work draws inspiration from illustrations from the 1950s and 60s, which were often constrained by simpler reproduction techniques like letterpress, screen printing, and limited color offset printing.

“In terms of mood, I aim to create work that has a friendly swagger and gentle freedom to it,” he told Ape on the Moon.

And indeed, his illustrations have a friendly feel to them. Working from his home studio in the small village of Yarrow, about an hour’s drive east of Vancouver, he shares his space with designer Amanda Froese, their two daughters, and their cat, Blueberry.

Working independently since 2013, Froese has collaborated with companies, organizations and small businesses around the world. His Clients include Yahoo!, Air Canada, GQ France, and Abrams Publishing.

Check out some of his work below.


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