Yuna Kimura is a talented artist from Japan, whose ambiguous works of art look like they were inspired by futuristic, sci-fi movies. This young girl creates acrylic plate artworks and accessories in unusual shapes that are entirely engraved with random numbers, letters or messages.

Her transparent and engraved creations are exploring the connection between art and communication and it seems like symbols are an important part of her art.

“I consciously seek to inscribe my works with everyday language and traces of communication which easily appear then disappear, as well as candid, casual phrases. I take this ambiguous language, copy it onto transparent acrylic and make the letters appear through the colorless method of engraving”, said Kimura.

As of recently, the artist also started creating items from acrylic that can be used in everyday life like commuter pass cases, chopsticks, cassette tape covers, Reversi sets, and milk cartons.

Kimura is a graduate student at Kobe University with a background in handcrafting and laser cutting. She has exhibited and sold her artwork in Osaka and Tokyo, but they can also be ordered online.


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