Cats are the most beloved animals in the world and we’ve seen them in all sorts of crazy situations from every possible angle. Or have we?

Photographer Andrius Burbaf found a brilliant new way of capturing our furry friends from a unique angle. The photographer is placing his models, cats, on a glass surface and shooting them from below. The results are adorable and these photographs show kittens bellies, that we rarely get to see, but also their beautiful fur and eyes.


“’Underlook’ project started four years ago when I saw a ridiculous looking picture on the Internet. It was a cat sitting on a glass table that was photographed from underneath. I decided to level up the idea and photograph it professionally to see those paws in hi-res and that is how the “Underlook” project was born,“ Burbaf shared on Bored Panda.

In his photos, the artist
to managed to document different personalities of his models – some of the cats
were sleepy, others were angry, confused or just curious. This series turned
out to be so popular, that Burbaf decided to take pictures of dogs, rabbits,
bicycles, and even horses from below.


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