Luke Choice is very clearly drawn to color. The Los Angeles-based artist, known as Velvet Spectrum, does anything and everything, from 3D illustrations to animation and typography.

“I was always drawing my favorite comics growing up, but never had the confidence or the guidance to know how to make a career from it,” admitted Choice in an interview with workspiration.

I wasn’t the most astute studier, so I avoided the idea of higher education at all costs. I spent the first couple of years after high school working odd jobs in demolition and bar tending. This helped me realize that I needed a more creative endeavor to satisfy me. I taught myself enough to start working up 21st invitations for my friends, which helped fill out an awful initial portfolio and somehow talked my way into a junior designer position at a marketing agency in Sydney.”

He has since moved from Sydney to Los Angeles, and has worked with brands like Nike, Ray-Ban, Google, and HBO.

Take a look at some of his creations in the gallery below.


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